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Tweet Question: I am self-employed, and have been struggling for some time to become profitable.  Unfortunately, I have been borrowing more heavily from the taxing authorities than any other creditor, and now find myself deeply in tax trouble.  Some of my taxes go back several years.  We filed each and every year, but are not […]

Tweet Question: I am interested in purchasing a manufacturing company in another county that would require me to commute several hundred miles a week, unless I take on an old friend as a partner.  He lives near by the manufacturing company, and could spend most of the time there, while I spend my time marketing […]

Tweet Question: I have an account at a local bank, but I have not used it for some time.  Recently, I needed the money from the account, and wrote several checks.  The bank bounced all of my checks.  What can I do? Answer: Some banks after a period of time place accounts in an inactive […]

Tweet Harriet and Harry Homeowner have much to think about, given their financial condition and their entrepreneurship. Harry Homeowner has his own computer consulting business and Harriet is a realtor. Having reviewed the bankruptcy issues facing them, they are now concerned about preserving the businesses they have built up over the years. Harry is well […]