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Tweet Question: Las Vegas is a favorite place for me to go over the weekends.  I frequent some of the largest casinos, and have credit at each.  My current outstanding line at one is $75,000, and lately, I have been unable to pay $50,000 in markers.  The casino has sent me collection letters, and has […]

Tweet So often much is written about the people and businesses that spend too much and owe too much.  Over the last several months, we have focused on them also.  In reality, the names are familiar.  Enron, Adelphia, TWA, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, Anna Nicole Smith, and Wayne Newton are but a few.  The […]

Tweet Harriet and Harry Homeowner, having taken an advance against the equity in their home, now face the payments that are due.  They financed a second on their home at 125% of equity, using all of the proceeds for remodeling, landscaping and paying off some credit cards used to get them into their home.  Harry […]