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Things You Should Know During This Troubling Times

Santa Clarita Bankruptcy Attorney Explains Why Businesses Are Worried About Coronavirus Liability

A Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney — the city’s only certified bankruptcy law specialist — explains how the state and federal governments, alongside insurance companies, could provide better support for small and local businesses as the California governor’s plan to reopen the economy commences.

Bankruptcy Attorney In Santa Clarita Weighs In On Unneeded Landlord Requests Regarding COVID-19 Rent Aid

A bankruptcy attorney in Santa Clarita, the SCV’s only certified bankruptcy law specialist, is weighing in on the apparently unneeded requests being made by landlords in order for renters to receive financial assistance as a result of the coronavirus.

Virtual Meetings With Santa Clarita Bankruptcy Attorney Available In Midst Of Coronavirus Outbreak

To practice social distancing during the coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak, virtual meetings for both new and existing clients are currently available with a Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney.

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Financial and Credit Advice During Disasters

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When Experience Counts...Count On Experience

Louis J. Esbin founded his law firm and has been practicing in Santa Clarita, California since 1993, where he provides Bankruptcy Law, Corporate Formation Law, Transactional Law, Merger & Acquisition Law and Commercial Law services to clients throughout California and other states. Mr. Esbin currently represents a diverse group of corporate and individual clients including small emerging businesses, corporations and individuals, as debtors and creditors, as well as clients who operate in the restaurant, construction, entertainment, retail, casino, real estate, and manufacturing industries, distressed traders, and mortgage bankers.
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